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     -Quilled Earrings

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Paper Roses Privacy Policy

  Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Anytime that you contact us, be assured that we will never sell your email address or contact info to anyone. Here at Paper Roses, we dislike spam and junk mail as much as you do.

Realize that we may collect names and email addresses during surveys or feedback. Other than this, we do not collect personal information unless you are purchasing an item and we make arrangements for sale or delivery. This information will never be used wrongly or sold to anyone.

We at Paper Roses may at some time distribute an electronic newsletter or email certain customers. We hope that you feel anything we decide to send is important to you, however, if you receive a mailing from us and do not want to receieve anything in the future, simply let us know by sending an email using the feedback page, and we will remove your name and email address promptly.

If you have any questions regarding this policy... just let us know. Thanks!

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